Photo Kickoff Meeting 22 November 2004   Thomas Bolander - Torben BraŁner - JÝrgen Villadsen

Hybrid Logic Meets Other Logics (HyLoMOL)

Talk 19 December 2008 by Walter Carnielli at DTU Informatics - Proving Paraconsistent, Many-Valued and Modal Logics by Handling Polynomials

Talk 19 December 2008 by Walter Carnielli at Roskilde University - Combining Logics

Seminar 11 June 2008 at DTU Informatics
Talks by Torben BraŁner, Valentin Goranko, Jens Ulrik Hansen, Michael R. Hansen and Thomas Bolander

Call for papers, special issue of Journal of Logic, Language and Information on hybrid logic.

Talk 18 July 2007 by Rajeev Gorť at DTU Informatics

International Workshop on Hybrid Logic 2007 (HyLo 2007)

International Workshop on Hybrid Logic 2006 (HyLo 2006)

The HyLoMOL project is initiated by Thomas Bolander (DTU, Denmark), Torben BraŁner (RUC, Denmark), and JÝrgen Villadsen (DTU, Denmark). Given that hybrid logic has developed into a separate research area playing a significant role in a number of workshops and conferences on modal logic and also having its own series of workshops, the initiators of HyLoMOL find that it is time to devote more attention to possible interaction between hybrid logic and other logical fields. A number of logical fields are under consideration, in particular constructive/intuitionistic logic and paraconsistent logic as well as first-order and higher-order logic. HyLoMOL collaborates with Patrick Blackburn (INRIA, France) and Valeria de Paiva (PARC, USA).

HyLoMOL is funded by the Danish Natural Science Research Council (2005 - 2008) with BraŁner as principal investigator.

Danish participants

Thomas Bolander (DTU)

Torben BraŁner (RUC)

JÝrgen Villadsen (DTU)

International collaborators

Patrick Blackburn (INRIA)

Valeria de Paiva (PARC)


More information

For more information on hybrid logic, see the Hybrid Logic Homepage and see also the slides from a talk given by Patrick Blackburn at Roskilde University.

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